I have a keen interest in contemporary photobooks and focus much of my writing and studies around that. The book form is something I have a deep fascination with and is the subject of much of my research. My Master's thesis focused on the theme of ‘failure’ in the contemporary photobook, particularly in relation to physical disability; my Ph.D. research focuses on the idea of intimacy, interaction and the book-space.


I write on contemporary photobooks for photobookstore Magazine, Elephant Magazine, Photomonitor, and 1000words Magazine. I am a Ph.D. Researcher at UCA. I teach bookbinding and photobook theory at UCA Canterbury, UCA Rochester, Kingston University and Falmouth University.


I also produce hand-made, cabinet grade and hardwood frames and installation materials for fine artists. Contact me for more information.


I am obsessed with coffee, woodworking and reading.









  • First Class Honours Degree (BA) in Photography (Contemporary Practice), University For The Creative Arts Rochester


  • Distinction, Master of Arts (MA) in Photography, University For The Creative Arts Rochester


  • Ph.D Researcher - "The Photobook as a Space of Unification, Fracture and Failure", UCA

Ollie Gapper